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Women's Health

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Fu Yin Tai Herbal Powder

This hygiene herbal blend is used to clean the vaginal and or anus area. Helps relieve itching, inflammation, discharge and minor discomfort. For Men and Women.

Her Care Formula

Her Care Formula - A women's maintenance supplement specially formulated for a women's needs, Her Care Formula helps promote the body's natural balance.

Menopause Support

Menopause Support is appropriate for hot flashes, sweating, dizziness, ringing in the ears, insomnia and irregular blood pressure during menopause.

New Mother's Formula

A traditional herbal supplement for just after labor woman. This is to promote and maintain the new mother's health and general well being.

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Tang

A traditional herbal formula that helps support circulation and promote optimal body balance.

Ling Zhi Jin Feng Wan

Ling Zhi Jin Feng Wan has long been used to aid bodily functions to help promote menstrual health.

Motherwort Combo

Motherwort Combo is a traditional herbal supplement that promotes circulation. Motherwort Combo helps support before or during menstrual cycle.

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang is a traditional herbal formula that helps regulate and normalize the menstrual cycle.

Women's Maintenance Formula For Breasts

Women's Maintenance Formula For Breasts - A women's maintenance supplement to help promote breast health by clearing heat and promoting blood circulation.
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