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Products tagged with 'inflammation'

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Bai Yan Xiao

Bai Yan Xiao maintains the body's immune functions.

Fu Yin Tai Herbal Powder

This hygiene herbal blend is used to clean the vaginal and or anus area. Helps relieve itching, inflammation, discharge and minor discomfort. For Men and Women.

Huang Lian Su Pian

Huang Lian Su Pian helps if you have intestinal infection and inflammation including dysentery, bloody or water stools, abdominal pain, vomitting and fever.

Lao Wei Ginger Tea

Lao Wei Ginger Tea helps to control inflammation and reduce nausea. This tea will help increase the body's energy and antioxidant levels.

Qing Re Xiao Yan Ning

Qing Re Xiao Yan Ning is an herbal supplement to make your hot summer season more comfortable for the body.

Throat & Bronchial Support

Relieving inflammation and cough, expelling phlegm and relieving asthma. Use for cough, much sputum, asthma .
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