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High Quality Lilium Brownii Lily Root Bulb Bai He 龙牙百合 4oz

100% Natural dried large size lily root bulbs
Manufacturer: USTCMINC
SKU: 7426847870560
  • Selected from high quality Lily Root Bulb from Yunnan
  • 100% Natural dried large size lily root bulbs
  • Packed in a polybag
  • Weight: 4oz

    Lily bulb is a starchy, edible root vegetable that comes from the Lilium flowering plant family.  It is used fresh as a vegetable in Chinese stir-frys or dried as a herbal remedy in Chinese medicine.

  • Lily bulb provides protein and starch. Additionally, they contain small amounts of calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins B1, B2 and C.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, lily bulb is considered sweet and cooling in properties.  The herb is also associated to the lung and heart meridians and help to relieve coughs, dry throats, clear heat, and moisten the lung.  Dried lily bulb is also used as an herb to calm the spirit, promote restful sleep, and lessen irritability.
  • Fresh and dried lily bulb can be used in both sweet dessert soups and savory soups in Chinese cooking.
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