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Herbal Women’s Health Soup Mix

Four Substance Decoction Si Wu Tang Soup Made Easy! 3-4 Servings 5.8oz
Manufacturer: USTCMINC
SKU: 7426847870935
  • Selected from High-Quality Herbs
  • Traditional recipe for the popular Chinese Healing Soup
  • All natural and made with real, chemical-free food
  • It helps nourishing blood and regulating menstruation
  • It helps to regulate the Liver, harmonize the menses, and alleviate pain.

主要材料(Main Ingredients):

-當歸(Angelica) 40g

-熟地(Radix Rehmanniae) 55g

-川芎(Ligusticum) 30g

-白芍(Radix Paeoniae) 40g



Step 1: Wash all ingredients. Optional: Blanch and add chicken or pork rib (not included).

Step 2: With all the ingredients in a stock pot, (add 4-5 slices of ginger, not included), add 1.5 liter of water and boil on high heat.

Step 3: Switch to medium to low heat and simmer for about 1 hour.

Step 4: Add 1 tablespoon of rice wine and boil on high heat for 3 minutes, season with salt.


Net Weight: 5.8oz (165g)

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