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Fox Nut Barley (Euryale Ferox - Qian Shi)

Fox Nut Barley (Euryale Ferox Qian Shi) is an perennial plant native to eastern Asia.
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Fox Nut Barley (Euryale Ferox, Qian Shi)

Fox Nut Barley, also known as Euryale Ferox, is an perennial plant native to eastern Asia, and is found from India- found in Bihar, and in Loktak Lake Manipur to Korea and Japan, as well as parts of eastern Russia. It grows in water, producing bright purple flowers. The leaves are large and round, often more than a meter (3 feet) across, with a leaf stalk attached in the center of the lower surface. The underside of the leaf is purplish, while the upper surface is green. The leaves have a quilted texture, although the stems, flowers, and leaves which float on the surface are covered in sharp prickles. Other leaves are submerged. In India, Euryale normally grows in ponds, wetlands etc. Recently the Indian Council of Agricultural Research have found out a technique for the field cultivation of Euryale.

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