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Cough, Cold, & Flu

Boost your immune system and relieve cold symptoms like pain, fever, cough, and congestion.

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Fang Feng Tong Sheng

Fang Feng Tong Sheng helps maintain a healthy immune system during the changing seasons, prevent and get through seasonal colds in a short period of time.

Ganmao Qing

Ganmao Qing offers seasonal support to help maintain proper immune functions and overall well-being.

Kete Ling Capsules

A unique herbal formula that helps promote and maintain a healthy bronchial system.

San Ju Gan Mao Pian

San Ju Gan Mao Pian helps support proper immune functions during the changing seasons.

Throat & Bronchial Support

Relieving inflammation and cough, expelling phlegm and relieving asthma. Use for cough, much sputum, asthma .

Yang Yin Qing Fei

A dietary supplement to help promote and maintain healthy respiratory system functions by establishing the body's natural balance. This is appropriate for when the throat is extremely dry with phlegm.

Yinchiao Tablet

Yinchiao Tablet - Use for early stage of common cold with symptoms of sore throat, low fever, thirst, aching shoulders and neck, bodily pains, headache, swollen glands, or dry cough.

Bai He Gu Jin Wan

This is a famous herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine to help promote and maintain a healthy respiratory system. This is appropriate for coughing with phlegm.

Chuan Bei Ju Hong

Chuan Bei Ju Hong is to promote the immune system and help maintain bronchial functions and a healthy respiratory system.

Cough Ease

Cough Ease herbal supplement helps with bronchial discomforts and supports a healthy repiratory system.

Cough Formula

Cough Formula promotes a healthy respiratory system and appropriate for coughing with phlegm.

Er Chen Wan

Er Chen Wan helps maintain proper bronchial function and a healthy respiratory system.

Xiao Qing Long Wan

Xiao Qing Long Wan promotes the immune and respiratory sytem. This appropriate for minor colds, a high temperature body that is having a hard time releasing sweat.
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