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TOUKU Natural Herbal Rheumatic Pills - Made In USA
This product is useful for joint weakness and stiffness due to blood stagnation with an underlying depletion of Qi and blood. Although quite strong in blood invigorating herbs, it is a balanced formula and is suitable for long term use to prevent stiffness and soreness of joints.

Korean Red Ginseng,Bark of Eucommiae,Pseudo Ginseng,Olibanum,Common Myrrh Tree,Starjasmine Stem,Radix Astragali,Rhizoma Gastrodiae,Radix Morindae,Clematis Root,Rhizoma Ligustici,Angelica Root,Radix Dipsaci,Codonoptsis Senensis,Rhizoma Attractylodis Alba,Radix Heraclei,Fructus Chaenomelis,Fructus Liquidambaris,Uncaria Sinensis,Bee Honey