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Thursday, October 1, 2020 4:25:25 AM

Yin Chiao Cold Remedy -

5 years ago
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Yin Chiao Cold Remedy - Made In USA

This herbal tea temporarily relieves symptoms of the common cold by helping to boost the immune system.

Forsythia Fruit, Pueraria, Balloon Flower, Ledebouriella Root, Thorowax Root, Perillae Ramulus.
4 years ago
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2 years ago
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A professional Chinese herbs supplier ,hoping cooperate with you.

I'm Lisa from Digital TCM E-Commerce Co., LTD of Tasly Group (stock code: 600535,, which is the most leading firm in the field of Chinese traditional medicine in China, and whose star medicine is Tasly's Danshen Compound Dripping Pill, and it approved by FDA phase III clinical trials in USA.  We are the largest professional provider of Chinese herbs.
Meanwhile, we can also provide three main international services for you as follows.

Sourcing & Matching Service: In order to help you find the authentic Chinese herbs and direct vendors (no middle man), we have integrated 30,000+ domestic strategic cooperators, including authentic herbal growers, producers, distributors and cooperatives, furthermore, we developed our own planting bases in 20+ authentic regions of Yunnan, Ningxia, Shanxi, Gansu, Liaoning, etc.

International Financial Service: For greatly decreasing your financing costs and relieving the pressure on your account period, the financial period support could be provided based on the Blockchain Credit Enhancement Technology, which means pay after use, and you will get 1-4 months account period based on orders.

Quality Testing Service: We have the most professional third testing organization, offering you a diversified testing service. CNAS and CMA certs would be available, which will guarantee the qualified products you purchased and herbal authenticity, reducing the risk of claims.

If you need it please contact with me,I can send detailed catalogue for you.
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